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dining room 1 theme

Dining room 1

Creativity cannot only be achieved by hanging roller shades printed with abstract art imagery on your windows but even the simplest everyday happenings can be used artistically to create a lasting impression. For example, a roller shade depicting a brilliantly captured steaming hot cup of coffee on a rainy day with urban background blurred by the raindrops looks so amazingly appealing and trendy. This image portrays an ordinary happening of our everyday life in an utterly exotic and inventive manner. This is the sort of photo you need to hang at a place where you usually have your meals. You can see that the image on your shade has changed the entire outlook of the room, which otherwise would have looked plain and unappealing due to the soberness of color combination, that is white walls with black furniture. If you choose to hang an image like this then it will surely revitalize you immediately as soon as you enter the room and will transform your experience of dining. The slight touch of red with orange background glorifies the surrounding in a completely neutral manner and does not overly glamorize the room, which is the latest trend in window fashion as well. Otstanding proudly presents a huge variety of similar spectacular images for customizing your roller shades. Please proceed to the gallery section for selecting the image.