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bed room 2 theme

Bed room 2

If your corridors, lounges or any room has a window in the corner then we suggest you choose an image that does not depict any specific object such as flowers, people or graphics because corners need something that is general not specific. Therefore, a picture like this one we have shown is perfect since it not only makes the area appear broader and spacious but also does not fixes your imagination to one specific object. The primary inspiration behind this picture which frames clear blue skies is to depict that sky should be the limit when it comes to devising the objectives of life. Sky represents a variety of themes such as serenity, vastness, peace and tranquillity as well as motivation, determination and the will to achieve the unthinkable. These kind of abstract images present a versatile option for customizing a roller shade while draping windows at the corners of a wall. Hang it in your living room or corridor because it will suit every corner due to its neutrality of background and minimal mixing of colors. You need to select an image that suits every color scheme and d├ęcor outlook since wall paint can be changed from time to time but a roller shade has to be kept for a long time. Especially if the room is congested or smaller in size then this imagery of expansive sky will make it look bigger and brighter because the shade of blue used in this photograph generates neon lights effect when sunlight descends upon the shade.