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Ostanding: A Remarkable Platform for Selling your Designs

For all you creative geniuses out there Ostanding is the place to be. By simply registering with our website you can easily upload and sell your creations and earn money from your home. We can easily transfer your design onto a roman shade and when a shade is bought by the customer, you will receive 10% royalty for your design. Isn’t it an outstanding offer? Certainly it is!

Ostanding is the hub of custom-made roman/roller shades retailing and this is what makes your chances of earning all the more prominent and potential. Ostanding is a renowned name in exclusive customized roman shades designs/patterns and we welcome all you budding and/or established artists for collaborating with us in order to make your designs popular. In no time your creations will be reaching clientele far and wide since Ostanding’s services are extended to a wide-range of regions worldwide.

The process of selling your products through Ostanding is very simple. If you want to earn by selling your original designs then visit our official website and sign up by filling out the registration form. Once done you will be able to explore the website and take full advantage of our services and facilities that we offer to our esteemed artist community.

Once you have signed up, you have opened doors to a plethora of money-making opportunities. You can sell all sorts of images but make sure the art piece is decent, original, fits one of our required categories of designs and is high in quality. If your uploaded image is blurred, indecent, contains copyrighted logos and slogans or has some sort of content that has been registered in someone else’s name then it will be immediately rejected. Please be sure that all your designs are your own creations and are suitable for a variety of categories because it will increase the chances of it getting sold sooner

Whenever you have to upload a design you have to make sure that it is according to the style of images that we accept. We have made it really simple for you by dedicating an entire section titled. Designers that will help you in this regard. Here you will find a form in the Upload Design category containing the information you need to fill out including the style of image from three options: portrait, landscape or square. Please provide accurate information because any mismatch will destroy the look of the shade we create and then it will be useless to sell it. So, the more precise information we receive the faster your design will be printed and sold.

You can easily make money without much ado through our exclusive services and the best part of this deal is that you can sign up for free. Isn’t it a great opportunity of earning considering the financially troubling times we are living in?

Ostanding deals in all sorts of roman shades whether it is cordless or corded. Our roman shades are crafted from high-quality material. Since our name is the guarantee of affordability and commercial viability therefore all our designs get sold straightaway. This means you won’t have to wait long for getting your art piece sold. Join us Today and avail this great opportunity!