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New Custom Shade Company Ostanding reaches out to the Graphic Design Community

February 15, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – The online custom shades retailer, Ostanding has launched today. The website is now live and Ostanding is now open for business.

Ostanding is a new online company that offers custom-printed shades for personal and commercial use. As part of Ostanding’s unique service, shades are custom made to order with the use of large-scale, high-resolution digital paintings, imagery or photography, printed onto fabrics using digital printing sublimation.? Ostanding’s custom shades make a great permanent solution but they also work brilliantly as temporary, replaceable solutions for special occasions and events.

Customers first choose their desired layout, and then choose which design they would like to have printed onto the shade. They select between lots of attractive stock designs, or upload a design of their own choice. All images and photographs available for print are high resolution – this means beautiful results even with larger print areas.

Give your design to Ostanding and earn 10% commission!

Ostanding is on the hunt for new digital designs to add to its collection of printing choices. The company wants to offer its customers a wide selection of quality, unique, attractive and creative digital designs for its shades that are designed by professional graphic designers. There is a good selection current available, but Ostanding wants to take things much further!

Here’s how it works: graphic designers submit their design to Ostanding, which is then reviewed by the company. If Ostanding accepts, Ostanding will acquire the rights to the design, and then add this design as an option for shade printing. From that point onwards, every time a customer selects the designer’s design, the designer will receive a 10% royalty on the total cost of the order. This could amount to a healthy amount for every single order!

If you are a graphic designer who is able to create digital designs that are compelling and of a suitable quality, Ostanding would like to hear from you. Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page at to get in touch.

Upcoming Services with Ostanding

Ostanding will soon be adding new services to make the shopping experience easier and more convenient. The site will soon allow you to store home window measurements. This gives extra simplicity for new customers and allows returning customers to place new orders quickly and easily.

A mobile app is also being introduced which will give customers a seamless, hassle-free shopping experience from their mobile device. Select your desired product, design and dimension and see how it will look with the visualization. The mobile app will be available for iOS, and Android devices.