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clutch and chain theme

Clutch and chain

Ostanding’s range of customized roller shades is very flexible to handle and risk-free especially if there are kids in your home. It is a fact that roller shades offer a very convenient and cost effective way of draping your windows. However if you use shades that involve the mechanism of internal spring for lowering it then you are using an old-fashioned and very risky style. Springs need to be tucked in by a tassel that is hooked at the base with the fabric which makes manual lowering of shades difficult and can damage the fabric. That is why we offer you chain-driven and clutch-based roller shades.
These are new controls that make your roller shade lowering mechanism utterly fool proof and convenient. Chain and clutch is a system of controlling shades that functions from the top and pulls it from the front or back. We can provide you matching chain and clutch with our digitally printed roller shades as you can see in this image. The chain visible in the image is of the same color as the frame and is made from plastic. Plastic is stronger than metal or steel and lasts longer that’s why we recommend plastic chains/clutch. Chain and Clutch system roller shade is a better choice because these ensure accurate positioning of the shade. Moreover the fabric stays unharmed and clean for a longer period. Chain and clutch system roller shades are robust, sturdy and come in different varieties. These are also favorable choice for families with kids.