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printed roller shade

Cassette valance

Ostanding presents its customers the new-age and highly modern range in roller shades. That is why we recommend that you get roller shades with valance. We offer two styles of valance in our printed roller shades: standard and cassette. Valence regardless of the type offers a sleek and finished look to the entire shade. It not just conceals the hardware used in the framing but also enhances its appearance. Usually you will find shades without a valance but at Ostanding each shade is manufactured with it to sustain quality. We keep the chain and valance color same to give away a synchronized and elegant look as you can see from the image. Our standard valance is created from the same material as is used in the shade but in plain color. Cassette valence has a curved front panel. It is different from standard valence because it has a matching strip of printed fabric inserted across it. The size of the valence is determined by your choice of roller shade size also the fabric’s thickness. You need to remember that cassette valence is trickier to attach than standard valence. In standard type fabric alignment either horizontally or vertically is easy. However in cassette the print and pattern has to be matched in complete accordance with the shade. We are expert in both types of valances in roller shades. As evident from the image we can easily and artfully create a valance in roller shades. So without second thoughts you can easily order a shade that is concealed with a valence at Ostanding.