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laundry  room shade

Laundry room

Washing and laundry area is usually the most ignored and overlooked space in your entire home but if you choose to get a printed roller shade from Ostanding, then this area will receive a transformation right away. Vintage art is always a smart choice for almost every corner of your home and when there is a portrait that contains as many different themes as this one then no sane person would opt to reject it. This beautifully printed roller shade is inspired by the environment and the need to preserve it. The dominant shade of green, wooden wall in the background and the basket full of white exquisite floral wealth brings a uniquely refreshing aura to your laundry area and changes the otherwise simplistic atmosphere. It is the guarantee of Ostanding that this picture will change the outlook of your place within minutes because it is thoroughly unique and very trendy. The mix of colors is soothing for the eyes and neutral which is why it goes well with the beige color scheme because as per the designing norms when walls are sober and pale then the picture should be brighter and colorful. So go for a picture that gives a designer touch to your windows.