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Can anyone submit designs for other people to use?

The only requirements you must meet in order to submit designs for other people to use on the Ostanding pages is that you must register as a designer so that Ostanding can correctly send you your profits when people select the designs you have. You must also sign a waiver of rights saying that the designs you have provided to the Ostanding site are originals and that no other person can claim any portion of those images as their intellectual property. Ostanding will not show the designs to other customers unless all of your documentation has been completed.

Can my friend use my account?

You are more than welcome to allow your friend to use your account to order their custom designed shades, but the accounts are free to set up, so there is no reason why your friend should not register and create their own account.

If someone else orders on your account, you will have to be the one to do any returning or contacting of the company is there are complications with the order. It is recommended that each person develop their own account so that if there are ever any problems with their orders they can speak directly to a member of the Ostanding team

Can I get roller shades for large windows?

You can get Ostanding to make large roller shades for your larger windows. You simply insert the dimensions you need into the shade design portion of the web site and Ostanding will configure the item for you. Roman shades are more frequently chosen for large windows, but you can have whatever type of shade you desire.

Can I use Ostanding for my Commercial Property needs?

Ostanding will gladly make window shades for you to use in your commercial properties. You can even put thing like your company logo on the material so that you create unique designs for your offices.