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Can I see the art work of other customers?

Ostanding will only allow you to view the art work provided to them by you, or by designers who are willing to allow other people to use their images to create custom shades.

Can I get Art Work from Other websites?

As long as you have the permission of the web site to download the art work you may get your images from other sites on the Internet. These images may come from free sites, and if you pay for art work then you have the right, or permission of the owner, to use this art work, unless the permission says that the art work may not be duplicated in any form or fashion.

Will my images look exactly like they do on the Ostanding site?

The images you upload will look exactly like they do on the Ostanding site with the exception of the fact that they may appear lighter in color than they do on your computer screen. This is due to the printing process and all of the images placed on the shades appear slightly lighter in color once they are transferred to the actually materials.

Will there be seams running through my images?

Ostanding will take the image you upload, and the measurements that you provide and they will use this information to create a seamless shade so that your image looks as pristine as it does on your camera. The material that the images are displayed on comes in different widths, so Ostanding has the ability to create the seamless look in their shades

Does it cost more for my shades if I use the images on your site?

The price of the shades does not increase when you opt to use a design you see on the website. The payment for the use of the design is an agreement between Ostanding and the designer, and the customer does not pay extra for this service

How do I know for sure that I have the rights to the images I am uploading?

If the images you are wanting to use are ones that you took using your own camera, or device, then you own the rights to them. Unless the images are of people other than your own children. If the images are of people other than your own children, you will need the people to sign a consent form giving you the right to use their image, unless, the people were on a city street, or in a public place. When you take the picture of someone standing in open view in what is considered to be a public place the person loses the assumption of privacy and the image will belong to you.

If I upload an image can other people use it?

No one else can use, or see, the images you upload to the Ostanding site without your express consent. If you are a designer and wish for other people to be able to use the designs you create there is a consent form on the website for you to sign before your images can, or will be used.

What type of images can I use for my shades?

You can use any images that belong to you, and that are not considered to be the intellectual, or personal, property of someone else. You can use images of places that you like such as mountain scenes, your old family home place, and city skylines. You can even find some images on the Internet that are free for you to copy, and use. You can use images of your pets, your family, and other people, as long as you have their permission to use the image. You may use images of food, still life objects, or anything that you find attractive. You may also use geometrical designs, shapes, and designs like Logos of products, if you have the permission of the company that owns the logo.

You may also choose material designs from the many different designs listed on the Ostanding website. These designs are uploaded by their designers and the designer is paid each time someone chooses to use their images.

You may not upload images of people harming other people, people harming animals, full nudity, or people engaged in sexual activity