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Is there a privacy policy to protect designers?

Individuals that submit designs for use by other customers are protected by the privacy policies as well. No information concerning a designer will be shared with anyone other than the government officials that we must supply tax information to. Your name and identification will remain private from the customers and business associates of Ostanding.

Can the Privacy Policy of Ostanding ever Change?

Ostanding does reserve the right to amend their privacy policy from time to time. Any amendments to the policy will be listed on the web site under the heading of privacy. You should periodically read this section to make sure that no changes that have been made to the policy will have an effect on you.

What are Cookies and do they affect my privacy?

Cookies are a way for one web site to recognize the browsers of the people who are visiting them. The cookies do not allow the web site access to private information, but they are stored on your computer’s hard drive to help the web site provide you with shopping cart and access to information each time you return to the web pages.

What is Contact Data Used for?

Contact data is personal information that identifies you such as your email address, your mailing address, and your telephone number. This information is gathered, and retained, with your permission so that Ostanding can send you news of upcoming sales that you might wish to take advantage of, or with information concerning new products that might become available for purchase. Your contact data is required when you register with the web site for an account and will never be shared with any outside companies, entities, shareholders, or employees of Ostanding that do not have express need of the information to do their jobs. At any time you can request that Ostanding stop sending you notifications through your contact data.

What is Traffic Data?

A website generally collects two types of data from the people who visit it. They collect traffic data, and they collect personal information. The traffic data is information such as your IP address, the type of web browser being used, the type of computer being used, and the domain server being used. This information helps a website such as Ostanding to provide their customers with the proper applications to make shopping on the site easier to do.

Will Ostanding retain my private information after the completion of my order?

You will still have an account on file at Ostanding after you complete your order. Your account will not be terminated unless you request that this be done. The retention of your account will allow you to return to the site and purchase more shades in the future with less complications.

Will my private information be shared with any of the company’s affiliates?

Ostanding respects your privacy and does not share your information, including your email address, with anyone else, including any employees that do not need this information to perform their job duties.