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Can I have more than one account?

You can establish more than one account if you need to, but your account will allow you to have several different orders, and even to have a wish list of future items you desire to buy. There is no need for separate accounts in order to get multiple items. You will need to provide separate email addresses for each account that is established

What if I forget my personal sign in information?

If you forget your log in name, pass word, or information for your Ostanding account, you can contact us through the bottom of any of the pages on the website and request that your information be sent to your email address that you provided when you registered with the site.

Do I have to agree to receive email communications other than the ones concerning my account?

Ostanding will contact you via email, or text message about the status of your order, or if they have any questions about your order. You can choose to receive emails from Ostanding after your order has been placed and filled. You will receive news concerning sales, or merchandise opportunities that your previous order suggests you might be interested in. You may opt out of receiving these notifications at any time and it will not affect the standing of your account.

Who sees my private information that I use to create my account?

Ostanding does not share your private information with anyone that does not have to have access to it. Even the employees of Ostanding do not have access to your private information, unless they have to have it to perform their jobs.

Can I check the status of an order without having the account registration information?

The status of an order cannot be obtained without signing into your Ostanding account. This is done to protect your privacy. All order information, including shipping information, is protected under our privacy policies and Ostanding will not share this information with anyone other than the account holder.

What personal information will be needed to register an account?

You will need to open an account and provide your name, your physical address, the address where you receive billing information, and your email address in order for Ostanding to be able to contact you in regard to your account, your order status, or details of your order.

Do I have to have an account to place an order?

You will be required to register with the site before you can place an order. Ostanding will need to gather private information including your name, address, and payment information before they can make your shades.

Do I have to create an account to look at the site?

Anyone can look at the Ostanding site. You can even use the shade customization tools and see what your shades would look like and the approximate cost of your shades without creating an account. There are some parts of the website that are not viewable by individuals who have not registered with the site.