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How are Roman Shades Different from Roller Shades?

Roller shades are opened and closed in the same manner as Roman shades, but they are frequently made of materials that the Roman shades are not made from. For this reason, you can often find some roller shades that are a lot more expensive than the Roman versions, and you can find some that are a lot less expensive than the Roman version. Roman shades are generally considered to be more elegant than the roller version

What if I do not like my shades?

Since the shades are made to custom fit your windows, using your images, Ostanding cannot guarantee to allow you to return the shades, unless they have a defect in them.

Do I get to change the thickness of the fabric that is used?

The thickness of the fabric that is used to create your custom shades will be dependent on the size of the shades, and the roll of material that Ostanding must use to cut your selection from

Will the positioning of the chain and clutch make a big difference in the final product?

The positioning of the chain and clutch that will open and close the shade will only make a difference to you. Make certain that you consider where you will most likely stand while opening and closing the shade and place the chain and clutch on the side that will be easiest to reach from that position

Does the layout style make a large difference in the final product?

There are three basic layout styles that you will choose from when designing your shades. These are landscape style, square, and portrait style. When you are selecting the layout, it is best to keep in mind the shape of the window that the shade will be used over. Wider windows look better with the landscape style, while taller, narrower openings are better covered by a portrait style shade.

Should the shades be mounted inside the window frame, or outside the window frame?

Mounting the shades on the outside of the framework of the window allows you to cover the mounting brackets and hardware you will use to put the windows up.

How do I get accurate measurements?

A tape measure is used to measure the width, and length of the shades. You must consider how you are mounting the shade before you can get your measurements. If you are mounting the shades inside the constraints of the window frame you want to measure the width of the interior portion of the frame, and then measure the length of the interior portion of the frame.

Your tape measure will have a metal section on the end of the tape. To get an accurate measurement the tape is designed in such a way that it can slide into the metal piece when you press this piece firmly against the inside of the window frame and that allows for the thickness of the piece of metal. When you are measuring on the exterior portion you hook this metal tab on the frame of the window and pull on it slightly and that moves the tape out enough to account for the thickness of this piece of metal.