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What makes shades from Ostanding better?

When you visit the Ostanding web site to order your window coverings, you are going to get to choose the images that are printed on the material so you get a shade that is unique in look. YOU even get to provide Ostanding with the images you want placed on the material. You get to choose the exact size you want the shade to be made, and the layout style you want it made in. You will not be buying a boring shade that you want to cover with a curtain. You will be buying a work of art that you want to proudly display in your home, or office.

Does Ostanding stand behind their creations?

Ostanding is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality window shades that they can make. At Ostanding, the goal is to allow people to have window shades that are unique, interesting, and that fit their windows, even when the windows are not the typical sizes found in most homes, or offices. Ostanding has guarantees that they will do everything they can to make their customers happy by providing them with a quality item in a timely manner.

Can I access the website from my smart phone?

You can access the Ostanding web site from your smart phone, your laptop, your desk top, or your tablet devices depending on the apps you have installed on the device.

Is the Ostanding web site free for anyone to view?

You do not have to register with Ostanding to view the pages of their web site and learn about the custom design art work they can do for you. You have to register when you place an order with Ostanding, but there is no charge for registration on the site

Does the quality of the shade depend on the size of the item?

The sizes of the windows can vary from really small to huge. At Ostanding, you will receive the same high quality shade no matter if you buy a small one designed for a kitchen or bathroom window, or you buy a large shade to cover a patio door. Your shade will be of the finest material and the highest quality craftsmanship

What type of shades does Ostanding make?

Ostanding makes Roman shades and roller shades according to the measurements you provide them for your windows, patio doors, or openings. The customers provide the images that they would like to see on the material of their window coverings and Ostanding uses digital means to apply those images to the material they have. They then use the measurements the customer provided them to make the shade the perfect size to fit the customers window. Once the shade is created it is shipped to the address the customer provided.

What is Ostanding?

Ostanding is an online manufacturer of custom made roller shades, and custom made Roman shades. They have a unique way of digitally imprinting the images provided by their customers onto materials and then creating custom shades that fit the customer’s windows